Traditional Thai Massage

Passed down the line from ancient times, this massage involves the application of pressure and a degree of stretching to the muscles, also involving prolonged pressure on the “meridians” of the body. Performed without oils. The relaxation massage, which can relieve exhaustion, aches and pains, promote healthy circulation and tone the skin.

·       60min $65 / 90min $115

Remedial / Deep Tissue Massage

A healing treatment that can be gentle or strong deep or shallow uses specialised techniques to locate and repair damage to muscle, tendons and joints. Supports and speed up the body own repair mechanisms.

·        60min $100

Asian Blend

Can’t decide? Asian Blend is Traditional Thai combined with Thai Aromatherapy Oil for the best of both worlds.

·        60min $85 / 90 mins $135

Thai Aromatherapy Oil Massage

This superb massage involving soothing hard movement which work into the muscle and soft tissue to reduce relief from stress and tension. Covering most of the body, focusing on the back.

·        30min $50 / 45min $65 / 60min $85 / 90min $135


Only want your head, neck and shoulders? Stress-Relief is a firm massage to relieve stress related tension in the neck and shoulders, followed by a head massage to release stress and aid headaches.

·        30min $50

Relaxing Foot Massage

To relief the soreness of the muscles in the area down from knee to feet this kind of massage is very similar to foot spa and will help improve blood circulation.

·        30min $50

Body Scrub and Moisturising Massage

Full body exfoliation followed by a calming & relaxing body massage with your choice of Frank Body™ Coffee, Coconut or Mango (subject to availability). A nourishing body cream application will leave your skin felling silky soft.

·        60min $85

Ear Candle

Ear Candling is a non-invasive home remedy to clean and remove excess ear wax. Also relief of pressure in cases of sinusitis, headaches, migraines , congestion ad ear infection. Includes: Two candles.

·        30min $50

We charge $3 with payments made by card | Gift vouchers are valid for 3 months after date of purchase and are non refundable